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March 24, 2021

Are You Chasing the Law of Attraction Magic?

Are You Chasing the Law of Attraction Magic?
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Do you download a new book every month? Maybe you read it; maybe you don't.

Do you sign up for lots of free things promising to teach you how to get what you want? Or, are you always looking for the next thing to "learn" to get better at the law of attraction?

What if you stopped and committed to one of the things you're doing?

What if you picked one path, one teacher, one program to follow, and you say "no" to all the other quick fixes. 

Join your host Cassie Parks as Jeanne again joins her and they discuss what is possible when you stop chasing and start becoming. 

00:40: Cassie asks Jeanne what's awesome.

00:42: Jeanne talks about redoing her email series and how amazing it was to see the work she has been doing with Cassie pay off.

01:20: Cassie talks about how amazing it is that Jeanne loves her email series.

01:29: Jeanne discusses how different she feels about her emails now than in the past.

01:36: Cassie asks Jeanne to talk more about being less judgmental of herself.

01:40: Jeanne talks about how she has always been a perfectionist, how striving for perfection has evolved into accepting good enough, and how good enough is perfect.

02:36: Jeanne talks about getting an email from a client, that she worked with 8 years ago, about how the current information Jeanne is sharing is helping her now.

03: 04: Cassie asks Jeanne how it feels to get the feedback of helping someone.

03:07: Jeanne talks about how awesome it is and that it was even better to have someone she worked with 8 years ago come back and say that her tips are still helping.

03:23: Cassie talks about what happens when you speak to the people you want to reach.

03:32: Cassie asks Jeanne to talk about how less is more when communicating with her clients. 

03:46: Jeanne talks about how she loves science, felt that she needed to share all of that information to help her clients and that sharing the science isn't what her people need from her.

05:00: Jeanne talks about reading articles about the science, wanting to share this information, and then realized that what she really needed to share was how the information she learned is beneficial to other people.

05:58: Cassie asks Jeanne what the Menopause Guru does for the people she works with.

06:08: Jeanne talks about how her magic is helping people realize where they are on their Menopause Journey and how to feel better now.

06:50: Cassie asks Jeanne what she would have said about what she did 2 or 3 years ago. 

06:55: Jeanne talks about how, in the past, she would have had a long description of what she did. 

07:20: Cassie talks about how entrepreneurs benefit so much by connecting with their Future Selves and their Future Clients because they get clarity on what they do and how they connect with people.

07:55: Cassie asks Jeanne to talk about how Jeanne did something Cassie told her never to do, and she did it anyway.