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Dec. 5, 2018

Ep 142: Law of Attraction Overcoming Fear

Ep 142: Law of Attraction Overcoming Fear
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Days in The Enchanted Circle: 252


Maggie had an experience many people have when it comes to growing. She came to the fork in road. One road, and choice, is to continue growing. And the other is to circle back to where you were and start over. It might sound silly to circle back and start over, but it happens to a lot of people on their growth journey and often they don’t even realize they are doing it. The cause is usually a fear of moving forward that they aren’t aware is there. It can look like signing up for a new program, buying a new book, or just convincing yourself that you need to take a break from coaching/growing. Those are all ways to circle back and start over, doing the same “growth” you did before.


Often when you’ve already set the path to your future self in motion things happen to get you further on the path that you have no control over. Maggie had a situation come up that was less than pleasant to experience, but she can see now how moving through it made her more of her future self because she no longer has the fear her past self did. When it came up I definitely knew this was something she had to go through because her future self didn’t experience the fear around this particular situation. And the best to get over fear isn’t to go back and figure out why you’re afraid or how you’ve been afraid of this same thing before. It’s to keep moving forward.


During this interview we talk about her journey and how scripting in a deep way prepared her to keep taking steps forward when this situation arose. We also talk about how making scripting deeper and more real pushed the fear in Maggie about moving forward because it went from fairy tale to real.


Maggie is more committed to moving forward toward her future self than ever before.


Listen to hear about how growing through fear is better than trying to fix it.

Maggie McReynolds is a longtime journalist, life coach, and the author of "Un-Settling," available on Amazon, and the upcoming "The Un-Settling Manifesto: The Unconventional Path to Financial, Emotional, and Social Freedom for Fed-Up Women," due out summer 2018. Founder of the Un-Settling online community and women's movement, she works with women in small groups online and through live workshops and retreats to stop settling for the lives they've been dealt and start creating the lives they want.

You can reach Maggie at http://iamunsettling.com.


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