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July 31, 2019

Ep #176: How to Shift From Wanting to Knowing

Ep #176: How to Shift From Wanting to Knowing
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Paulie knows 2019 is going to be the best year of her life. She can feel it. It’s the year she’s starting as a leading lady in a one-woman show she knows is going to be big and open to even bigger things. 

As an actress, she’s had a total shift from “wanting” which she describes as a kid reaching for a cookie jar on top of the fridge to “knowing” which she describes as sitting on top of the mountain in a sunbeam of light. 

Confidence is something that has also skyrocketed in Paulie’s life and impacts every aspect.

Paulie Rojas-Redding is an actress and entrepreneur. classical enthusiast, and lover of travel, adventure, dogs, and a good Russian novel. She spent her childhood in Mexico City learning the ways of the world and acquiring her first found loves of art, ranging from Diego Rivera to Kate Hepburn.

She is also the CEO of The Public Speaking Pro where she uses her passion and expertise of storytelling and communication to guide and inspire people to be dynamic leaders.

She can be reached at About.me/PaulieRedding


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