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Feb. 12, 2020

Ep #204: Are You Following The Whispers?

Ep #204: Are You Following The Whispers?
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Lainie is gearing up for one of her favorite seasons of working with clients. During the next two months she’ll travel to 7 teams to lead growth and development through improv.

In addition to having amazing clients, Lainie is celebrating her amazing relationship and the growth she’s had as an entrepreneur over the past year. She has double the clients she did last year at this time and is charging more. 

One of the growth shifts she made in her scripting recently was “I’m taken care of.” It’s become a mindset and she’s seen that truth show up over and over again in her life, including all her cars being lined up for when she goes to see a client next week. This saves her the time of keeping receipts and turning things in to get paid later. It also means she’s making more per hour. 

During this interview we cover so much about entrepreneurship growth. Some of the things we cover are:

  • An increase in confidence
  • The shift of approaching a big organization to support them rather than get clients
  • Looking back to the “early” days and Lainie’s first workshop compared to the workshop she ran last week.

We also talk about how Lainie has acted as a lighthouse for her partner and his opening up to more deliberate creation. 

Lainie Hodges is the owner of Improv Alchemy.

With over 15 years of experience in youth, athlete, professional, and personal development fields, Lainie Hodges excels at creating environments where people grow and develop through the power of play, performance and improvisation. She leverages everyone's unique talents and assets to make them more innovative, agile, creative, and responsive. You can reach her at lainie@improvalchemy.com


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