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April 15, 2020

Ep #213: What To Do If People Around You Don't Believe?

Ep #213: What To Do If People Around You Don't Believe?
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Have you ever wondered, “How can I create what I want, when I’m surrounded by people who don’t believe or use The Law of Attraction?”

What if I told you, you could get them to believe without even talking to them about it?

The key is for you to believe it, plus own it.

I love how Vicki demonstrates this in the way she’s come to live her life. 

In this interview we talk about how every one of the servers where she works believes she makes the most money.

They believe it so much, that they believe they are going to make the most money when they are partnered with her. 

They even tell new servers when they get paired with her that they will make lots of money.

Isn’t that awesome?

It’s also awesome that she has never sat down and given them an LOA lesson or told them that she was going to become the person who made the most money.

She simply shows up, tells the story she wants to be true, let’s everyone else think whatever they want and then counts the biggest pile of money at the end of the night. 

Rather than focus on everyone else and try to get them to believe they could make more or get them to change their money story, she focused on herself and her story. That’s it.

What would happen if you only focused on your story and what you want to be true for you? And you let go of the need to get anyone else involved?

Listen to this interview with Vicki to amp up your belief you can write your story, even when people around you are complaining about money. 

Vicki Pace is originally from upstate NY as well as NYC and now lives in sunny Denver, CO! She is a full time prospering actor in the local and professional theaters of Colorado. She also loves directing and coaching kids in theater!


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