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Sept. 16, 2020

Ep #235: Manifesting Magic and My Purple Couch

Ep #235: Manifesting Magic and My Purple Couch
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Most mornings, I come down in the quiet while everyone is sleeping and sit on my purple couch. One by one as my family wakes up they join me and we snuggle in. It’s where I enjoy my morning coffee, and often script. 

I love my purple couch, and even more I love that every day it reminds me how fun and easy manifesting can be. 

It reminds me how the Universe can deliver better than you asked for and in so many magical ways. 

For me and my couch, the magic involved a tenant locking himself out of his home. 

Listen to hear the full story about the manifesting magic of my purple couch.

Cassie Parks loves the ocean, dancing for no reason and the power of possibility. Her best-selling books include the topics of money, business and lifestyle design. She is a mentor for those who want to turn their wildest dreams into their dreams come true.


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