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April 25, 2023

Ep. 370: Harnessing the Power of The Law of Attraction

Ep. 370: Harnessing the Power of The Law of Attraction
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Paulie once again joins Law of Attraction Coach Cassie Parks to share another chapter of her manifesting success story, using the law of attraction to manifest money and her dream life. The two discuss the amazing things Paulie has manifested, her biggest learnings of how to make the law of attraction work, and why people sometimes don’t get what they desire. 

Paulie has consciously been practicing the law of attraction with guidance for 5 years. Cassie starts by asking her the biggest way she harnesses the power of the Law of Attraction differently than she did five years ago.

Paulie shares that it works for her rather than her working for it. 

Paulie then shares some of the most amazing things she’s manifested including:

*All her human needs being met, including a deep love

*An increase in her self-worth

*Getting paid to act in other languages 

*Going to countries outside the norm

*The unfolding of a role she would love to have

Paulie then shares how some of these things unfolded and what law of attraction techniques she used to manifest them, including sitting on the couch doing something she enjoys.

Then Paulie talks about a huge revelation she had recently about the energy she was putting into something she wanted really badly. She realized she is worth more than these things she wants and is now letting it go which is going to create a huge space in her life.

Cassie answers the question, “Do people ever not get what they desire?” with an explanation of these two reasons why:

  1. Their desire is actually a “how”. It’s the way they are pushing to get what they really want. Because it’s not what they really want it’s harder to manifest.

  2. They stop doing the work to create what they want. 

The two continue to talk about the huge opening Paulie has created by letting go of something she was holding onto that was a how. As well as, keeping her from fully owning her worth as an actor and a person. 

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