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Nov. 2, 2016

Ep #42: Focus On Your GPS Point!

Ep #42: Focus On Your GPS Point!
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Show Timing:

00:05 Show introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

1:05 There is more to say

1:15 Get as much done in chunks as I can because it makes my world easier

2:10 “Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours” so enjoy the life you have built

2:18 What to focus on to get you there, process is about clarity

2:43 Double Your Business #1 on Amazon multiple times in multiple areas, thank you

3:15 Free 4-part video course at http://doubleyourbusinesswithcassie.com

4:03 Leave a review and tell us what you did after reading the book

4:32 Question of the hour

5:01 Clarity and focus - whether get to #1 or not

5:28 Book coming out in May 2017 Manifest $100,000 is in a place that it can now hit the NY Times Bestseller List

6:22 Cassie shared 2009 speaker story

7:20 The message I got - you need a book

8:00 “Open to Possibilities” speaking gig

9:16 Book to promote yourself and the syndicated (in 8 markets) radio show

10:10 Did the show and got one book sale

10:30 Sole focus was on getting on the radio show

11:05 Instead focus on what you want life to ultimately look like (GPS Point)

12:03 Would have gotten clients

12:53 Looking back I wasn’t focused on the end game

13:16 Focus on the GPS point

13:33 Look at everything different now

14:00 Working with clients that fulfill my dream life

15:40 Follow the whispers in life

17:01 Manifest $10,000 book sales make it eligible as a NY Time Best Seller

18:35 Focus audit (life or on the how)

18:50 Script the life not the how.

19:30 Minor picture in the big picture of your life

19:50 Focus on the life not the steps that you think is going to get you here

20:43 I stay focused on the life

20:58 Closing of the call

21:25 End