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May 10, 2017

Ep #65: Manifest 10000 - Celebrating Creates More Money

Ep #65: Manifest 10000 - Celebrating Creates More Money
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Show Notes:

00:01 Show Introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:30 Thank you for taking me wherever you are taking me - in your car, on your jog, the bus, etc.

00:41 We are discussing the manifesting $10,000 process so that you can attract more money without the struggle so you can build your business quicker and easier

00:58 How to put the various phases together, amp up your beliefs and the celebration cycle

1:30 More Money Podcast name change came from whispers from my future self about what is next

2:22 It is easier to not force things because you can put a lot of energy and spinning into figuring out what to do next.

3:09 Thank you to all of you who have shared how the podcast has impacted your life. If you have not you can find me on Facebook, email me or leave a review on iTunes as this lets others know this is of value

3:50 If I do what I am meant to do and stepping into my future self, the answers always come.

4:17 Few more episodes left on the money manifesting process or you can join the course Manifest $10K or buy the book, Manifest $10,000

5:00 You need to be patient and step forward into new experiences to see what the next step is

5:09 Stay tapped into your future self and the answer will come

5:48 When you create the foundation of a money mindset so you can allow, welcome and celebrate more money coming into your life, then when you go find the strategies it is super easy and you pick the strategies that naturally work for you

6:15 Entrepreneurs - I will always give you the backstage pass into my business and give you as much as I can that I think will be helpful

7:20 Being an entrepreneur is all about creating more money into your life

7:44 My original course was Money, Money, Money which is now Manifest 10K - it has been a journey to get here

8:23 Opening up this podcast to share more stories to share other people’s stories

9:20 Growth isn’t always pain free - things have to break apart to be put back together in a new way.

9:52 If you want to be part of the Manifest $10,000 book launch team, email me and my assistant will get you on the list to help

10:35 Powerful moment: Looking at the the double cover wrap for Double Your Business book that will be in bookstores in January 2018 while knowing my Manifest $10,000 book will be in bookstores May 16, 2017 and all of this is possible because of what I am teaching you on this podcast and in my book

11:59 Go to  Amazon.com,