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April 13, 2022

How Do You Know Manifestation is Happening?

How Do You Know Manifestation is Happening?
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This episode is the second half of last week’s episode with Kate, Nicole, Luisa, Carrie and Leslie. We continue to talk about their journey to manifesting more money and their dreams.

***Show notes are based on answers submitted prior to the interview.

During the episode we talk about how each woman knows it’s happening.

Then we talk about a shift that was made in their thinking that is improving their lives and manifesting results:

Nicole: On my last assignment Cassie pointed out how when I thought I was being my character by practicing believing I can manifest, I was actually doubting that I could and needed to convince myself

Kate: There are so many from the Enchanted Circle Calls, your podcasts, and your books. ... The coaching that started it all when I first found you - being the energy of my future self.

Carrie: To just show up and things will get better.

Leslie: Trust the process and do the work, there is so much evidence of what's possible for me within the Enchanted Circle. This has anchored me when I feel my stories bubbling up. I'm learning how to be with my feelings and create the feelings of my future in order to create my future. There is consistent repetition questions: what do you want? what is the question? I find I'm starting to ask myself these questions, which helps me gain clarity.

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