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Nov. 2, 2022

Letting Go Of The Past To Manifest More

Letting Go Of The Past To Manifest More

Cassie is joined again by Anita for the ninth interview in Anita’s journey using the law of attraction to manifest money and more. Anita shares first thing how she’s broadcasting from her new office that is open for the flow of money.

They cover the following topics:

(below are answers from the per-interview questionnaire.)

Anita shares her new manifested total of 167,316.98.

Anita shares her biggest ah-ha recently, which is it’s time to follow her dream of coaching.

Anita shares her coolest piece of evidence recently, which is All the money showing up for my coaching school within two weeks, when I didn’t know how the heck I was going to pay for it upon signing up. I feel it was a sign I was doing the right thing.

Anita says the biggest way she’s grown/changed/shifted over the past few months is not giving myself any more excuses to not do what I want.

Anita shares experiences her Future Self has shown through confidently and intuitively.

Her best manifestation recently is $12,000!

She knows it’s happening because I’m already in the process and have had many coaching conversations. The money arrived immediately.

Anita shares how she’s grown through, “The need to hang onto the past. I also had an epiphany that it may be time to let my real estate license go.”

Anita asks Cassie, “What is the best way to overcome self doubt when it creeps in; or “not good enough” feelings?”

Tune in for the answer and all the other juicy details.

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