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March 23, 2022

Manifest More By Making Your Growth a Priority

Manifest More By Making Your Growth a Priority
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This episode starts a fourteen-episode series with a group of manifesting women who started their journeys in 2021. They are called Living the Dream 2026-A.

In this interview, you will hear Chona, Carrie, Luisa, Nicole, Trista, and Angela share the most recent chapter in their Manifesting Success story.

First each manifestors shares their money manifested total.

Next, these women share their greatest “ah-ha” or growth in the last few months. These include the need to make your growth a priority, being open to receiving more opportunities, and going with the flow.

Up next we talk about shifts that have happened in the last few months to include:

Being reminded that you’re growing and not going to be perfect

Stop overthinking, because it’s really trying to control things

Feeling negative feelings

Commit and honor the process

Each woman shares their most fun evidence. Then how they know it’s happening.

Following that we discuss the biggest growth they have experienced:

Let go, worry less.

Awareness of old self-talk and money habits

Pausing and feeling, rather than checking things off a list.

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