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More money indeed!

I found Cassie’s podcast back in December of 2018 when I realized I had a wrong money mind set and needed help changing. Wow!! It has changed me and my husband’s view of money and abundance in so many ways. We had a “not enough” and “survival” money mind set for most of our lives. But not anymore! Since I began listening to Cassie we went from hardly any money to my husband having his own business, on his own terms, making almost 20k a month and believing for more!!! I also listen to Manifest it Now where Cassie and Ginny share about LOA Manifestation. I can’t get enough!

Thank you Cassie

I started listening to Cassie on my way to/from work every single day. I was upset about my money situation and over time her soothing yet passionate voice guided me into a brighter mindset. I love her earlier episodes the best. About 6 months after discovering Cassie, I have manifested OVER $25,000 because of her! I can’t say thank you enough for opening my eyes to a new way of living and thinking.


There are many gems of LOA goodness here, plus Cassie has a nice speaking voice and the podcast quality is usually high. I've been catching up on the earlier episodes in addition to the current ones. I think she has gotten better with the focus of each episode (maybe rehearsing a bit?); the early ones can be all over the place and have many ums, ya knows, right?s and likes, which can be distracting. But overall, I'm very inspired by stories of her journey, and the great guests she interviews.

This podcast is a staple of my day!

I came upon this podcast because I love to hear anything by Cassie Parks. I am not an entrepreneur. I have a great job and make great money. But I've also felt tense and stressed about money for as long as I can remember. Right now I'm working on shifting my money mindset and beginning to allow (rather than force) money to come into my life. This podcast, along with Cassie's books and Manifest 10k program, have really helped me shift who I am and how I think. I feel positive energy and momentum in my life and it is such an exciting change from the near-constant anxiety that used to be my norm. I highly recommend this podcast and anything else by Cassie. :-)


I've been binge listening on 2X speed and this is hands down my favorite podcast. If you have been attempting to attract more money in your life, this is the podcast for you. No fluff. No irrelevant content just all things money mindset.

Fun show!

I love this show, and Cassie's step by step breakdown of how to manifest more abundance in your life. Super job!!

Mo' Money!

I have listened to Cassie for a long time on "Manifest it Now!" podcast, and I'm so happy to discover she has done so much here on "More Money" ... she has truly changed my life. Huge fan, and she makes money flow to you! Magic happens indeed. Such a gift. <3

So positive!

Thank you so much for creating this podcast. I just found it! It is so positive and it is helping me change my mindset.

Love them

I am so EXCITED I found these! I'm in your online courses too! The information in these podcasts is so valuable & her mantras are the best! What a great way to start the day! Thank you!💞

I always get something from this podcast

Cassie does a great job of bringing us both belief and practice when it comes to accomplishing our business goals. I'm all about the feel good- but I want to practice LOA in my life - this podcast gives ways to do just that. Love.

Cassie is awesome!

I can't stop listening to this show! Cassie has a way of showing you how to double your income pure, intentional, achievable and exciting.

Simple, Supportive and Juicy,

Cassie gets it! Doing what you’re passionate about never feels like work. Cassie provides a simple approach on subjects people have spent years going to school and spending thousands of dollars on. She supports her listeners with an approach that make everything feel approachable and possible. She provides her listeners, like me, with the inspiration and energy to go out and create our own Happy Ever After. Thanks Cassie!

Entrepreneurship Made Easy

Cassie is great! I love this podcast because she is extremely thoughtful and discusses topics that are close to every entrepreneur’s heart. She clearly communicates what has worked for her and how she has learned this information. I really am enjoying each week and I look forward to listening.

Love this podcast

I am so glad I came across this podcast. i have listened to all of the episodes, and can’t wait for a new one to be released. Cassie seems so warm and personable. Her advice is relevant, and breaks down how to manifest what you want in such easy steps. Her topics are always on-point and the sound quality, intro and everything is super professional. Great job Cassie, please keep them coming!

Clarity, Direction, and Joy

Cassie’s podcast, Happily Ever After, really helps me gain clarity and direction in my business, all the while focusing on what should be the most important aspect of what your work as entrepreneur, fun! It should be fun! Any time I’m feeling lost or I’m not sure what steps to take next, Cassie always has the solution I need to hear when I need to hear it. I’m so grateful to be able to learn from what she’s been through in building her highly-successful business so I can integrate it in my work. Her vulnerability, honesty, and energy she brings to her work is inspiring!

Awesome podcast, spot on, enlightening!

Cassie gives clear, concise and spot on advice. It was very enlightening. She guides you step by step. Most importantly, she drives home the point of being true to yourself first, in order to have success in whatever it is you choose to do.

Inspiring Podcast

A great inspiring shows for entrepreneurs. Thank you for putting this together!


this is excellent thank you Cassie

How to let it flow easily and effortlessly

Love this podcast. As someone who has been on both sides of a business, not working and really flowing, I realize that putting myself in the business as successful with my dream details is so important. Also allowing for it to develop even bigger and saying "this or something even better for the highest good of me and everyone involved" took it over the top!! Looking forward to more great podcasts!

Love, Love, Love Cassie's Podcast!

Everything she talked about felt as if she were talking directly to me. I've had some years of struggle in my business because I bought into the idea that making my business a success was done with hard work, perseverance along with the "this is how it's done and it's the only way" beliefs. While those elements may be a part of getting to that place called "success", the hard work, "sticking with it" and those beliefs can come from a totally different perspective! You know how you can work hard at something but be in your zone...in your element...loving every minute of it? Yea, that's the hard work that I'm looking for! I love hard work when it's in alignment with who I am, my needs, values and what I want to do with my life; or my contribution to the world! Then I'm IN!! Cassie has a way of taking you by the hand, step-by-step through the discovery and joy of reaching your ultimate potential. I've been in two of Cassie's programs and I have to say that they both have been thrilling experiences that I can't stop talking about it with others! You don't have to struggle your way to success! Stay tuned! Cassie has much more coming to help entrepreneurs find their "Happy Ever After". I can't wait!

Great podcast. Love it!!

I really like this podcast. I love how Cassie shares her real and raw story without editing it to make it look glamorous. I really look forward to listening to this podcast for every new episode that comes out.

A compelling invitation to entrepreneurial thriving

Cassie's podcast speaks directly to my entrepreneurial heart and soul. I believe her when she says I really can create the business of my dreams – one that serves my people well and blesses my life, too. Cassie clearly understands how the universe works to support our visions, so everything she shares is both inspiring and useful. I can't wait to hear more!!!

Cassie Parks gets it!!

She knows what it feels like to be a struggling entrepreneur, and to wonder when it's ever going to happen for you. She also knows how to make business easy, simple and effortless - and successful, because she's figured it out and made it happen for herself. Cassie will help you create the business you want and love, and she does it with humor, compassion, realism, a little tough love, and a wonderfully sweet voice that will have you listening over and over again. This is my new favorite podcast!