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Oct. 19, 2022

Working Less and Manifesting More Money

Working Less and Manifesting More Money

Cassie is joined again by Anita for the seventh interview in Anita’s journey using the law of attraction to manifest money and more. Anita shares first thing how she’s broadcasting from her new office that is open for the flow of money.

They cover the following topics:

How once Anita started tracking how much she was manifesting again, she realized she manifested $11,000 plus in 30 days.

They talk about how when Anita started, she didn’t manifest $10,000 in 90 days and how she grew from that to become the person who manifests $11,000+ in 30 days.

Anita shares how she is making the choice to work less, and trust money is coming in.

Anita shares how she let go of trying to book her Air B and B and manifested $3000 from it.

Anita talks about how she’s shifted from “I gotta be on top the Air B and B, pricing etc” to allowing money to come in easily.

She shares how her booking rate is so low compared (3%) to those who view her place, and she doesn't care because she knows it’s going to get booked.

They talk about the shift Anita has made from quantity to quality.

Anita shares the story of how she was inspired to only allow 20-day bookings and how her new money story supported this change.

Anita shares how she has manifested over $140,000 during her time as an Enchanted Life U student.

Anita shares how she went on a four-day work trip and didn’t spend a penny but found two.

Anita shares the story of how she “did the math” to find out how much more money she would have coming in 5 years from now.

Cassie shares how she calculated her financial freedom point early in her journey to manifesting financial freedom and how important it was in creating her financial freedom.

Both women share how money started showing up faster after they calculated these numbers.

Anita shares where she’ll be investing the money that is flowing into her life.

Anita shares her current inspiration, which is writing a book about the mindset shift she made to quit drinking.

Anita shares some coaching Cassie gave her about moving through some sad, lonely feelings and how that led to more opening and morphed into the beginning writings of Anita’s book.

The two talk about a time in the past when Anita invested in a course to create a course to make money and how it wasn’t inspired. They compare and contrast that experience with the experience of true inspiration to quit drinking and then write a book about it.

They talk about the clarity that has shown up for Anita about teaching and writing.

They talk about how there is no pressure on Anita to get it going in order to make money because she has created a life where she makes money all the time.

Cassie asks Anita if she ever thought she would become the person who said, “There is no rush.”

She answers, “Not before this program.”

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