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Dec. 28, 2022

Becoming Worthy of Manifesting What You Want

Becoming Worthy of Manifesting What You Want
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When you started in the Enchanted Circle, what did you want?

Kimberly: More money. Because I thought more money would fix everything.

Did you have to grow into being worthy of that?

Kimberly: Yes, and it happened over time. It started with changing my money story.

What are you currently, in the next five years manifesting?

Kimberly: An amazing life, 100 clients. Making $100,000 coaching and with my creativity.

How has being worthy of what you want come up?

Kimberly: I had to be reminded and own that I have created what I wanted. I’ve created the freedom to do what I want, when I want. I’ve had to own that I am worthy of that just because I am.

Tell us about how you recently were very proud of yourself.

Kimberly shares a story about how recently she showed up calm and knowing instead of as a mama bear and everything worked out. Cassie and Kimberly then go in depth about how your self-worth can come from showing up like a raging bull, having someone tell you their life story, or trying to fix them and they can be exhausting. But you have to learn to get your value elsewhere or you will keep creating these situations.

Do you think being proud of yourself increases your self-worth and feeling worthy of what you are manifesting?


Kimberly and Cassie talk about if you reach a point in your journey where you always feel worthy of the amazing life you've created and continue to create. Or is worthiness something that also is always upleveling?