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Aug. 4, 2021

Can Writing A Book Derail The Path to Your Future Self?

Can Writing A Book Derail The Path to Your Future Self?
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 I believe the answer is, “yes”. Writing a book for any reason other than inspiration has the potential to derail your quickest path to your Future Self. 


A few months ago I talked about this in depth with my client Kate. A few years ago, someone really wanted her to write a book. They were encouraging her and as her coach, I knew this person didn’t see her Future Self. She was doing what she does, getting people to write books, but what she lacked was the vision I had been seeing for a few years of Kate’s Future Self. 

I knew the book wasn’t coming from inspiration, it was coming from a place of wanting to have written a book. I gently told Kate this and the story played out. Kate didn’t write a book then, and in this interview, we talk about how had she written that book, she would have derailed her quickes path to her Future Self, because she would have written the WRONG book.

At the time she was thinking about writing a book, Kate’s Future Self about to throw her a curve ball no one would have seen coming. And yet, it is so Kate and her Future Self. Had she written the book she would have been out of the game before she got a chance to hit the curveball. 

Luckily, Kate already had experience with what inspiration felt like and on some level she could recognize the book didn’t feel good and put it down. 

In this interview, not only do we go back and look at why this book would have derailed Kate’s fast pass to her Future Self. We also talk about how she’s gotten all the things, like being respected among big names in the health world, without writing a book. Her plan is even shared in a book by two big authors and all she did was show up as her Future Self. 

What if it could be easier?

What if you didn’t have to force the how in order to get what you wanted?

What if you could follow inspiration and have a fast pass to your Future Self?

Listen to this interview for so much evidence these things are all possible!!

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