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Nov. 3, 2021

Celebrating My Eighth Freedomversary

Celebrating My Eighth Freedomversary
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In this episode, Kimberly Hite is back to interview Cassie Parks. This time the topic is celebrating her eighth Freedomversary (8 years since she woke up and didn’t have to go back to her corporate job). Kimberly asks Cassie about the journey of eight years. They talk about going from a completely blank page when Cassie left her job to the coaching business she has now. 

  • What does freedomversary mean to you?
  • Do you remember when you coined that phrase?
  • How has it shifted since you originally “retired” ?
  • Does it look like what you thought it would?
  • How is it even better?
  • How does it feel to be celebrating 8 years?
  • How/what is your FS doing 5 years from now when she’s celebrating 13 years of freedom?