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Feb. 2, 2022

Change Your Story to Manifest Money

Change Your Story to Manifest Money
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Today’s episode is an interview with six money manifestors sharing their experience with manifesting success.

These successful manifestors share their favorite manifestation over the past few months. 

Then they share shifts they have made, which have helped them to be more successful using the Law of Attraction to manifest money and more. These include:

How you can simply write a new story, rather than trying to fix the past. 

How understanding if something will be beneficial to their Future Selves helps make decisions easier. 

How if you describe the story you stay there and if you ask a question you are open for an answer. 

Getting methodically clear about what you want to manifest money for.

How celebrating all money has lead to  a shift in her money story.

These manifestors also share how they know it’s happening by what they are seeing in their current reality.

They also share something they have grown through or overcome in the last few months. These are 

Moving from a scared to joyful relationship with money.

Moving through not feeling worthy.

Moving from onstant lack and worry, to trusting.

Feeling not good enough. Like it’s for other people.
Trust over control and how this helps when selling a house. 

How her mind almost alway goes to easy, uplifting and abundant.

Cassie, the host, also answers these questions from interviewees:

How do you not slip into the old story when it's not happening?

What do you do on a day where you just can’t get aligned.? When you just can’t get there?



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