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Nov. 23, 2022

Deepen Trust to Manifest More With The Law of Attraction

Deepen Trust to Manifest More With The Law of Attraction
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Cassie is joined again by Anita for the twelfth interview in Anita’s journey using the law of attraction to manifest money and more.

They cover the following topics:

(Show notes taken from answers given on a pre-interview questionnaire.)

The show starts with Anita sharing her current manifested total of $181,799.70.

Then Anita shares how trust is her biggest concept recently in deepening her understanding of how the law of attraction works.

She shares that her $6500 tax refund is the coolest piece of evidence recently.

Anita shares her most recent inspiration, “I've been inspired to coach Millennials on Money and Leadership. Have gotten a couple new clients as I get clearer on the path.”

She talks about her Future Self showing up confident and unafraid to be seen.

Anita tells about her best manifestation in the last few months, which is a surprise $876 check in the mail.

Anita shares how some “Coaching around becoming empty nesters and focusing on what I wanted. It was tough to put the negativity out of my brain, but I made a good effort, and eventually, it happened.”

She knows it happening because “I'm living it. I've been able to spend more time at home, building my new business. I am getting great feedback from clients. I am feeling like it's all coming together.”

Anita shares how she’s “...growing through fear of judgment, particularly as I put my new business out there on social media. Fear of judgement has held me back for a long time, and I can feel the grip of it loosening quite a bit.”

The show closes with Anita asking Cassie this question, “How can I manifest more clarity and focus in my life? I feel like I have so many ideas and notes swirling around it's challenging to really stay focused.”

Tune in to hear the answer to all the juicy details about what is awesome on Anita’s manifesting journey.

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