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July 27, 2022

Do Dogs Manifest?

Do Dogs Manifest?
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In this episode, manifesting coach Cassie Parks interviews Mia about manifesting a puppy. They discuss how Mia’s puppy Hattie manifested her and her partner because they could take care of her in a way many people financially couldn’t.

Cassie believes dogs match our energy and alignment, whether it’s a one time interaction at the park or the dog that finds its way into your home (writing looking at both dogs I didn’t plan on having).

The needs and wants of dogs match the needs and wants we have to give and visa versa.

When there is alignment there is an attraction match between human(s) and dog(s).

In episode 329 Mia tells the story of manifesting her puppy.

The puppy manifested Mia and her partner too. It turned out that Hattie, the puppy, had an underbite. While I lived for 9 years with my underbite until braces, dogs can’t go that long and yes they require braces when this happens because their teeth can actually pierce the roof of their mouth if it’s not corrected.

Why did Hattie manifest the right owner? Because Mia and her partner had the means and desire to get Hattie what she needed.

Listen to hear all the juicy details.

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