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March 22, 2023

Easy Manifestation Technique

Easy Manifestation Technique
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Paulie is back to share the next chapter in her manifesting journey using the law of attraction to manifest her dream life. 

We start the interview with Paulie sharing her August 2021 manifested total, which is over $10,000. Then we discuss:

  • Using Paulie’s $10,000 manifested as evidence for you.
  • The shift of doing nothing and getting everything Paulie wanted.
  • Doing nothing and following inspiration.
  • Manifesting the point shoes she wanted.
  • Having someone tell her she was born under a lucky star.
  • Manifesting saving $170 in seconds at the train station.
  • Realizing what a how is and how much she is still tuned into the how.
  • Getting good at letting go and not figuring out the how.
  • How having fun is more powerful than working to figure things out.
  • Living in the present makes you a better manifestor.
  • Saying yes to the pull to go to Iraq.
  • Allowing herself to be open and pulled more and more.
  • Manifesting a photo shoot in Iraq.
  • Showing up and allowing the collective moment to move things forward.

Listen to hear all the juicy details.

To connect with Paulie follow her on Instagram @paulie_golightly

Anything discussed during the show: https://www.enchantedlifeu.com/more-manifesting-success