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Feb. 7, 2018

Ep #101: Manifest A New Life

Ep #101: Manifest A New Life
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“Life is awesome!” Says Michele who works part-time, has a new apple watch, and takes many trips with friends. Her business is booming. Things are changing and improving daily.

It certainly wasn’t always this way for Michele.

A few years ago, Michele was working more than sixty hours a week. She is a network marketer and had been to many trainings that amped her up, got her excited to build her dream life, but when she came home nothing changed.

Michele was one of the first to take the scripting workshop, in 2015. During that weekend Michele had some surprising realizations about her life and what she wanted. She left tapped into the vision of the life she wanted and her future self. Since then, Michele has a new business, her traditional business has transformed, is newly single, lives in her dream home, owns her car and has money flowing in.

One of the best parts is Michele went from working 60 hours a week to 16 and is doing fine financially. She is working less and making more.

Michele has always struggled with making investments in herself. She recently committed to joining the Enchanted Circle. Money showed up the day after Michele said yes - a prepayment, a new credit line, a new coaching client worth $1750 just showed up. Every single time Michele does invest in herself money shows up for her.

Michele now knows she can manifest money by letting go of what she thinks she knows and trusting the process.

Her advice for you would be to stay to be open to possibilities.

Michele is going to be taking the Write Your Million Dollar Story and is excited at what will come from this next scripting workshop. Stay tuned!

Michele is a successful Mompreneur in the field of organic health. She helps women lose weight, gain confidence and work from home. 

Go to bulafitrocks.com to connect with Michele.