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Feb. 14, 2018

Ep #102: Manifesting Abundance

Ep #102:  Manifesting Abundance
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Nicky is a digital marketer. Her business was up by 50% in January (at the time this interview was recorded). Life is awesome and nothing can throw her now.

It wasn’t always like this. Nicky was a hustler. She didn’t talk about sleeping unless it was to say she wasn’t getting any. Her former money story was Rise and Grind. She glorified the hustle and took on every single project someone asked her to because she believed she had to get all the dollars while they were available.

In three months, Nicky has connected with and stepped into her Future Self in a big way. Her new money story is Abundance and Worthiness.

Embodying true worthiness means Nicky now says, “no” to projects she doesn’t want to work on and quotes her rate without wavering. She’s learned to own and share all the good stuff she is creating in her life, including the additional money she is making.

Nicky says, “I expect the opportunities I want to come to me.”

Listen to hear more about Nicky’s journey from Rise and Grind to Abundance and Worthiness.



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