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Feb. 21, 2018

Ep #103: Manifest Money Quickly

Ep #103: Manifest Money Quickly
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Old Money Story: Feast or Famine

New Money Story: Stable and Growing

Skye manifested over $3000 in less than a week. Someone basically “gave” her $1000+.

It wasn’t always like this for Skye. Her former money story is Feast or Famine.

In January she took a leap and joined The Enchanted Circle, even though she didn’t really have the money. Within less than a week she manifested over $3000. A little over $1000 of that was money someone gave her. (Listen for the full story).

Skye’s focus since she completed the Script Your Millionaire Money Story workshop has been awareness. After forming a deep connection with her future self in the workshop, she is now able to check-in and see if she is thinking, believing, acting and owning the things her future self does. If she’s not, she shifts that.

One example is when she threw out her ratty old belt because her future self would not wear something that was falling apart. She immediately took action and ordered another one. It sounds simple, but almost everyone’s future self acts with efficiency. When your future self realizes something is out of alignment, she/he takes immediate action.

Tune in next time to hear Skye’s “ah-has” from the Script Your Happy Ever After workshop!

Skye is committed to stepping into her future self everyday. Part of that is showing up for the group calls to

  1. Reinforce beliefs
  2. Inspiration and energy
  3. Evidence



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