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March 7, 2018

Ep #105: Life Can Be Easy

Ep #105: Life Can Be Easy
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This week Carrie-Ann didn’t really let anything bother her. She felt at peace and did what needed to be done. No resentment about cleaning the cat box or putting the dishes away. She simply did it. Life is easy.

She felt SO MUCH relief and such a sense of peace.

It wasn’t always like this. Six months ago, Carrie-Ann was worried a lot. She was resentful sometimes and she had a job that she did not like.

What changed? Doing the work to grow into someone different. She has completed two round of Manifest $10K + the Write Your Millionaire Money Story workshop. Working through two rounds of Manifest $10K laid the foundation for Carrie-Ann to attend the recent workshop where she was able to connect with her future self on a very deep level.

After attending the workshop, Carrie-Ann has a whole new outlook, even more positive than before, on life. She knows life can be easy and is living that way more and more each day. Her confidence is high because she knows her future self has gotten through anything that is in front of her and she’s laid out the path for her.

In the past, Carrie-Ann was one to do things and check them off a list. Give her a list of assignments and she’d get them done. What’s she’s learned is to take her time, go deeper and step into the experience on a daily basis.

She is making a conscious effort to create space for her future self to show up.

She is also continuing to deepen her trust in the process of growth and manifesting.

Listen to hear Carrie-Ann talk about how much of her and her life shifted in just three days. 

This is the second interview with Carrie-Ann in the Year of Growth series. Follow her journey of stepping into her future self, growing and using the Law of Attraction throughout 2018.


Carrie Anne is married, with 3 cats, and is working a 9-5 job in Canada. She started this manifesting journey because she want a better life for us financially.You can reach Carrie-Ann at camyot@hotmail.com


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