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March 14, 2018

Ep #106: Can You Manifest $20,000 Twice?

Ep #106: Can You Manifest $20,000 Twice?
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Maggie is the $20,000 master manifestor.

Her first round in Manifest $10K she manifested $20,000, more time and more freedom (check the archives to hear her interview).

Recently Maggie made the leap to full entrepreneur, leaving her job behind.

When there is a shift like that, things shift.

So, Maggie jumped into The Enchanted Circle to get support welcoming more money into her life and business.

While doing the Change Your Money Challenge, she had her biggest day ever in her business and manifested $2500 in new clients.

Her total manifested since joining the Enchanted Circle (less than 30 days ago at the time of this interview) is closing in on an additional $20,000. This is all flowing in from various sources, including a writing gig for a magazine that just appeared.

One of the things that makes Maggie a great manifestor is her commitment to the process.

During this interview we talked a lot about letting go of having to follow the rules and do things a certain way. If you have always been a rule follower check out this interview to learn how to shift that and improve your manifesting.

Maggie McReynolds is a longtime journalist, life coach, and the author of "Un-Settling," available on Amazon, and the upcoming "The Un-Settling Manifesto: The Unconventional Path to Financial, Emotional, and Social Freedom for Fed-Up Women," due out summer 2018. Founder of the Un-Settling online community and women's movement, she works with women in small groups online and through live workshops and retreats to stop settling for the lives they've been dealt and start creating the lives they want.

You can reach Maggie at http://iamunsettling.com.


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