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March 21, 2018

Ep #107: From Never Enough to $100K+ Manifested

Ep #107: From Never Enough to $100K+ Manifested
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Michele recently returned from a 9-day Caribbean cruise that her company paid for fully! She is leading her company is sales and is loving being fully present with people in her life. Gratitude overflows in her life.

Everyday Michele steps more into her power as a manifestor. This wasn’t always the case with Michele. In the not so distant past she was a business owner who used to work many hours, but had little to nothing to show for it every billing cycle.

So how is it that Michele has gone from a story title Never Enough to someone who has manifested over $100,000?

  • Coaching-Having someone to remind you where you’re going make the journey easier.
  • Celebrating-Learning to celebrate all amounts of money opens the door to more flow.
  • Tracking- “The more you track, the more comes,” says Michele.

This doesn’t mean Michele’s past money story of survival doesn’t show up every once in a while. Listen to learn how she has gets herself back on track quicker and easier.

Recently, Michele took the Script Your Happily Ever After workshop, her biggest take away was that she speaks her truth and asks for and gets what she wants in life. This is applicable to all areas of her life.

She has realized there is this sexy, powerful side to showing up fully in life and communicating clearly.

Michele is a member of The Enchanted Circle. She has participated in the following:

  • Manifest $10K with Support
  • Script Your Millionaire Money Story
  • Script Your Happy Ever After

Michele is a successful Mompreneur in the field of organic health. She helps men and women get healthy, fit and wealthy.

Click http://ketomichele.com to connect with Michele.