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March 28, 2018

Ep # 108: How To Attract Coaching Clients

Ep # 108: How To Attract Coaching Clients
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Everyday Jeanne has something amazing happening in her business. Strategy sessions, new clients, and getting to do the coaching work she was meant to do.


It wasn’t always like this...


Jeanne Andrus is The Menopause Guru. She has all the knowledge. Really, she knows about symptoms (and how to fix them) caused my menopause most people have no clue have anything to do with menopause.


She is definitely smart enough to help clients.


The problem was, she couldn’t get clients. Well, she had a few randomly show up, but not enough to make a living off or in any way that gave her any assurance more would show up.


Jeanne is a self-proclaimed DIYer. It’s part of who she is. She likes to crawl under the house and fix the plumbing, because she can. DIY is great for somethings, but it didn’t help her when it came to marketing her business.


She tried it and it didn’t work.


Then she hired a coach, several actually because she was sure there was a magic bullet that would magically change everything. She thought it would all magically work if someone could just tell her which word to swap out in her email. That word would make someone hire her. (Nod your head  if you’ve been there.)


Jeanne admits deep down she did know that something was not connecting inside her.


In her coaching relationships she wanted to

Control the relationship

Get patted on the head for doing it “right”

Only did about 25% of the actual work


One day our coaching relationship came to a head and I asked her to look at how much of “the work” I’d asked her to do, compared to how much she had actually done. On a scale of 1-10, she gave herself a 3.


In that moment she realized she wasn’t getting the results she was paying for because she wasn’t fully participating.


She also realized nothing else was going to change until she did the actual work, which also meant admitting she wasn’t perfect.


There are so many more insights Jeanne shares about her journey so far including…


Growing is uncomfortable

You have get in touch with what your client wants to hear

And many more.


Listen to her how Jeanne has gone fully into our coaching relationship and is now growing and attracting faster than ever.


Jeanne Andrus is The Menopause Guru. Beginning with her own journey through menopause, Jeanne realized that women aren't prepared for the multitude of changes that happen to them as they go through this period of their lives.

Her work with women on their Menopausal Journey has led her to develop her own program of coaching - Menopause Mastery Coaching, which embraces the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes of menopause.

When she's not coaching, speaking, or writing about menopause, she's loving her life in the Greater New Orleans area with her husband and pets, or off adventuring world-wide.  You can reach Jeanne at http://menopause.guru