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April 18, 2018

Ep #111: How To Manifest Money Fast LOA

Ep #111: How To Manifest Money Fast LOA
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What’s awesome in Maggie’s life right now is that at the time of this interview she had manifested $$34,625.98.


Maggie is six weeks into her second round of Manifest $10K and completed the Double Your Business workshop a week ago. She was amazed that she learned more than she ever imagined she would at the workshop. Being a coach and manifestor she thought she had it all.


One of the biggest things that came out of the Double Your Business workshop for Maggie was a personal mantra straight from her future self: People show up to give me money! People are showing up all the time to give her money!


The key to Maggie’s massive success is showing up even when she doesn’t want to. Listen to hear how showing up made all the difference in stepping into her future self.


Maggie McReynolds is a longtime journalist, life coach, and the author of "Un-Settling," available on Amazon, and the upcoming "The Un-Settling Manifesto: The Unconventional Path to Financial, Emotional, and Social Freedom for Fed-Up Women," due out summer 2018. Founder of the Un-Settling online community and women's movement, she works with women in small groups online and through live workshops and retreats to stop settling for the lives they've been dealt and start creating the lives they want.

You can reach Maggie at http://iamunsettling.com.


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