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May 23, 2018

Ep #116: Manifesting New Business

Ep #116: Manifesting New Business
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Days in The Enchanted Circle: 110


Manifest $10K Total =  $38,557.96


If you are keeping track, yes as of the last interview Maggie’s total was $34,625.98. In Maggie’s words, here’s why the total was adjusted, “I adjusted the total because the $1200/month 6-month contract I thought I had turned into being paid $300-$600 per article for that magazine gig.”


As a seasoned money manifestor the change in number doesn’t freak Maggie out because more and more is coming her way everyday. Remember her mantra, “People show up to give me money.”


Right now, Maggie is almost to capacity and easily raised her rates. She’s getting ready to hire more people to support her.


The first time Maggie participated in Manifest $10K she manifested $20,000, more time and more freedom by way of a new job that paid her more for working less hours and was flexible enough that she could mostly decide when she worked.


All that was awesome, but it was also as big as she could dream at the time. The difference this time around is that Maggie, after being in The Enchanted Circle, for 110 days sees that everything is possible. Manifesting $20,000 is a big deal and for Maggie at the time it felt like as big as she could dream. She’s been busting all kinds of her own myths about life and abundance since her last interview.


More money is awesome, but being in The Enchanted Circle has also changed the way Maggie shows up for her family. She is now the leader of anything is possible and her family is joining her.


One of the coolest things Maggie said about our work together in this interview is that scripting has gone from, “This is a cute day dream,” to “This is in the works.”


If you want to model a positive money mindset for your children, make sure to listen to this interview to hear about the impact Maggie’s shifts are having on her graduating (at the time of the interview) son.


Maggie McReynolds is a longtime journalist, life coach, and the author of "Un-Settling," available on Amazon, and the upcoming "The Un-Settling Manifesto: The Unconventional Path to Financial, Emotional, and Social Freedom for Fed-Up Women," due out summer 2018. Founder of the Un-Settling online community and women's movement, she works with women in small groups online and through live workshops and retreats to stop settling for the lives they've been dealt and start creating the lives they want.

You can reach Maggie at http://iamunsettling.com.


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