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June 6, 2018

Ep #118: How to Make the Law of Attraction Work Faster

Ep #118: How to Make the Law of Attraction Work Faster
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Jeanne manifested over $8000 in twenty days. She is more confident than ever in her ability to get and serve her clients. And people are seeking her out for quotes to for media and interviews and more. It’s all happening now because Jeanne has become the person things work for.


It wasn’t always like this. Jeanne used to be the person who the law of attraction didn’t work for. She’d look at people and wonder why it worked for them. The same thing happened in her business. She’d try program after program and fight and claw and nothing would happen.


What changed? Jeanne did, with some coaching support.  In Jeanne’s third episode we talked about going through the fear and coming out the other side.


In this episode we talk about all the amazing things she attracted and opportunities she took to step into the beingness of her Future Self that created that fear/growth storm she had to go through.


People often feel like when things are going bad and then you hit a patch that doesn’t feel good that you did something wrong. Most of the time things start to get hairy because things are going right. When things are working and you are creating momentum there comes a point where you have to grow in order to keep the momentum going. Often that is cleaning out something from the past or processing emotions from the past. It’s all working for you to make space for what’s next.


Listen to hear this part of Jeanne’s journey.


Jeanne Andrus is The Menopause Guru. Beginning with her own journey through menopause, Jeanne realized that women aren't prepared for the multitude of changes that happen to them as they go through this period of their lives.

Her work with women on their Menopausal Journey has led her to develop her own program of coaching - Menopause Mastery Coaching, which embraces the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes of menopause.

When she's not coaching, speaking, or writing about menopause, she's loving her life in the Greater New Orleans area with her husband and pets, or off adventuring world-wide.  You can reach Jeanne at http://menopause.guru



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