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June 13, 2018

Ep #119: Law of Attraction and Self Worth

Ep #119:  Law of Attraction and Self Worth
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Days in the Enchanted Circle at time of this interview: 197


What’s awesome in Carrie-Ann’s life right now is that today a co-worker thought she was 38 and she’s owning that. The guys are work are also going to work on her car next week, which is going to save her a bunch of money. Her Future Self is showing up by making appointments to support her well being.


It wasn’t like this a week ago when I told her it was getting to the point where I wasn’t going to be able to take her money anymore. Carrie-Ann wasn’t doing the work and I can’t do it for her. That information was the kick in the pants she needed.


We did a little coaching and created something for Carrie-Ann to say to start moving forward. It is “I choose me and move forward.” This saying emphasizes Carrie-Ann’s worth as well as tells her brain, “We are moving forward.”


Carrie-Ann’s assignment was to repeat this 100 times a day and go back and review some of the basics to bring her awareness back to where she has been putting her focus so she can put it back on what she wants more of. She did it and the shifts were basically instant.


Carrie Anne is married, with 3 cats, and is working a 9-5 job in Canada. She started this manifesting journey because she want a better life for us financially.You can reach Carrie-Ann at camyot@hotmail.com



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