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July 18, 2018

Ep #124: How to Step Into Your Future Self

Ep #124: How to Step Into Your Future Self
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What’s awesome for Jeanne is that thirty-six hours before this interview she attended the best cocktail party ever. It was so amazing her cheeks hurt from smiling so much. In her last interview Jeanne told you how she made the decision to fly in and out of Denver for celebration cocktails. In this interview you get to hear all about the experience, the lessons and the awesomeness that is unfolding from this giant leap Jeanne took into her Future Self.


In this interview she also talks about her “red shoe” lesson which comes from Cassie’s novella, Own It https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CN9QCQV .


Listen to hear all the juicy details from the best cocktail party ever!


 Jeanne Andrus is The Menopause Guru. Beginning with her own journey through menopause, Jeanne realized that women aren't prepared for the multitude of changes that happen to them as they go through this period of their lives.

Her work with women on their Menopausal Journey has led her to develop her own program of coaching - Menopause Mastery Coaching, which embraces the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes of menopause.

When she's not coaching, speaking, or writing about menopause, she's loving her life in the Greater New Orleans area with her husband and pets, or off adventuring world-wide.  You can reach Jeanne at http://menopause.guru



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