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July 25, 2018

Ep #125: The Real Change Required for Law of Attraction Success

Ep #125: The Real Change Required for Law of Attraction Success
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Today Jeanne won a crown, like a real crown. This win isn’t just about the crown it symbolizes so much of who Jeanne is, what she believes and the way she empowers her clients. Jeanne is the Menopause Guru. She believes that menopause is women’s crowning. It’s when they get to become the empress and Jeanne helps them claim that position.


Today is awesome and last interview Jeanne was awesome, but she hasn’t been awesome for the last couple of weeks. Whether she was going through the break-down that sometimes happens when you jump into your Future Self or it was the last of her old self oozing out of her or her Future Self stepped out for awhile so she could remember who she used to be (2 and ½ years ago) so she could decide consciously she’s not going back to being her, doesn’t much matter.


What matters is:

She got through it

She is clear she doesn’t want to go back to her old self

She didn’t judge herself or the process

She kept making forward movement when she could

She manifested $7000+ in the process

She knows the law of attraction works for her, even when she doesn’t feel amazing.


The first time Jeanne and I talked about her working with me, she told me that she’s the person who broke the Law of Attraction. She was convinced it simply did not work for her. She thought she was focusing on what she wanted. She had pages of affirmations and she’d done her ideal client so she could call them in. But nothing felt like it was working. To be fair it was working based on her underlying thoughts that she didn’t think it worked for her.


Now, Jeanne is someone who is always attracting amazing things, even when things don’t feel amazing. The biggest difference...Jeanne has become the person who she believes the Law of Attraction works for. She believes she’s always attracting good stuff and she is always taken care of. She’s also learned not to judge herself in any part of the process.


Today Jeanne said, “I am her (her Future Self) most of the time now.”


Listen to the interview to hear how Jeanne got through the last couple of weeks that didn’t feel so good, and were so important to her growth journey.


 Jeanne Andrus is The Menopause Guru. Beginning with her own journey through menopause, Jeanne realized that women aren't prepared for the multitude of changes that happen to them as they go through this period of their lives.

Her work with women on their Menopausal Journey has led her to develop her own program of coaching - Menopause Mastery Coaching, which embraces the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes of menopause.

When she's not coaching, speaking, or writing about menopause, she's loving her life in the Greater New Orleans area with her husband and pets, or off adventuring world-wide.  You can reach Jeanne at http://menopause.guru



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