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Sept. 5, 2018

Ep # 131: How to Live a Life That’s Easy

Ep # 131: How to Live a Life That’s Easy
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Carrie-Ann is a fun person now. Fun finds her everywhere! Her life is easy and it flows. She finds joy in everything she does.


It wasn’t always like this. Fourteen months ago, Carrie-Ann was living the money story of Survival. It impacted every part of her life. Even the limited joy she experienced followed the pattern of survival. If she did spend money on something she wanted to do she put tons of pressure on enjoying it and when it was over, there was a crash. To experience joy everyday was a foreign concept to Carrie-Ann.


Starting with the 5 Day Change Your Money Story Challenge, Carrie-Ann’s mind opened to the fact that things could be different. She was inspired to want more and believe it might be possible to have more. So, she enrolled in Manifest $10K with support (now part of The Enchanted Circle). After completing her second round of Manifest $10K she continued her growth by taking the Script Your Millionaire Money Story workshop and has been scripting and stepping into her future self ever since.


Carrie-Ann’s new money story is It’s Easy! Everything is easy, life is easy, fun is easy and money is easy. It all flows and Carrie-Ann is enjoying every minute of it. She’s out enjoying where she lives and doing things like taking ghost tours with her hubby and going to fund raising events, even signing up for stand up paddle board lessons. She’s happy every day and she’s excited for what is next.


The path to happiness wasn’t paved with sunshine and roses. For Carrie-Ann it required cutting up an Ikea catalog (listen to hear about this pivotal moment), breaking down and learning how to feel. This was the hard stuff that true lasting growth is made of. It’s what moved Carrie-Ann out of who she was, living the story of Survival, to living the story now, It’s Easy!


Carrie-Ann says what she’s learned and who she has become is engrained in her. She doesn’t have to think about it. Rather she acts and supports herself the way she has learned, the way her Future Self does. She is living a life today that fourteen months ago she couldn’t even see as a possibility.


Listen to this episode to hear all about Carrie-Ann’s growth journey from Survival to It’s Easy!

Carrie Ann is married, with 3 cats, and is working a 9-5 job in Canada. She started this manifesting journey because she want a better life for us financially.You can reach Carrie-Ann at camyot@hotmail.com



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