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Dec. 19, 2018

Ep #144: Law of Attraction Investing

Ep #144: Law of Attraction Investing
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There is a difference between surviving and thriving. Survival is human. It’s what we do. It’s what Michele has been doing for 20+ years. Everything has always worked out “ok” and now she wants more. She would be okay to keep doing her money like she has been. She would be “ok” to allow her pattern of survival to keep playing out but she doesn’t want that anymore. The biggest reason is because the things she wants in life, really wants, she knows she can’t attract by doing what she is currently doing.

Six weeks ago, Michele invested in one-on-one coaching and so much has changed. Michele had build an amazing life, but it was a little like building an amazing house on a not so solid foundation. The ground underneath her life was unstable. Because the foundation wasn’t strong enough to hold more, she wasn’t going to be able to attract more of the things she wanted until she stopped and fixed the foundation.

It wasn’t as easy as simply realizing the foundation needed to be fixed. Michele hit rock bottom and made the choice to build the better foundation after making a decision about purchasing a car that turned out to be a financial blunder. In this interview she tells the story and how it was an expensive lesson but also one that has her committed to really growing into her Future Self.

In the past six weeks Michele has been working on her Budget for Attraction and really getting clear about her numbers. This process has her welcoming in more fun and easy money, which she now has an amazing foundation for.

Listen to hear all about how Michele is setting her life up for living even more awesome!

Michele is a member of The Enchanted Circle. She has participated in the following:

  • Manifest $10K with Support
  • Script Your Millionaire Money Story
  • Script Your Happy Ever After

Michele is a successful Mompreneur in the field of organic health. She helps men and women get healthy, fit and wealthy.

Click http://doeasyketo.com to connect with Michele.


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