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March 6, 2019

Ep #155: Law of Attraction Coaching to Grow Your Business

Ep #155: Law of Attraction Coaching to Grow Your Business
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At time of interview days in the Enchanted Circle: Vanessa 30 and       Adam 24

Adam and Vanessa run a successful adventure travel and badass lifestyle company, Bee the Wellness. The inspiration hit Vanessa six years ago and they took everything online four years ago. Their business is successful but they joined The Enchanted Circle to take it to the next level. Adam is also getting ready to release his job.

We joined because we believe in the power of coaching. As coaches ourselves, we understand that in order to optimize any area of your life you have to be willing to really look at what is getting in the way of your next highest potential. We have loved interviewing Cassie in the past for our podcast and we wanted to take some time to really commit to creating our most abundant money story and we trusted she could make a difference in our lives and the way we are creating our abundance. “-Vanessa

Both Adam and Vanessa have been dedicated to their self-development journey for a long time and they are still finding ways that their money stories have been impacting their experience.

Adam and Vanessa are the owners of Bee The Wellness, a wellness company with a focus towards adventure travel. They help people create systems for better health, well - being, and adventure in their lives.


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