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March 13, 2019

Ep #156: Law of Attraction With Your Partner

Ep #156: Law of Attraction With Your Partner
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At the time of this interview Adam and Vanessa have been in The Enchanted Circle for 78 days. They just finished the biggest Bee Fest ever (2018)! In this interview Vanessa talks about letting of an old habit of leaving things to the last minute to get stressed out. Doing this allowed her to be fully present at the event and enjoy it so much more.

Adam talks about what it’s been like to be out of his job for 28+ days which is the most he’s ever not worked. He talks about the adjustment and the freedom it’s created in his life.

Vanessa and Adam also share how important it has been that they have been participating in Manifest $10K and receiving coaching together. It has allowed them to get out of “freak-outs” quicking rather than retreating which has always been the pattern. They discuss how having access to the same tools helps them stay calm and start moving forward again quickly.

We also talked about what it means to be coachable and how being coachable gets you more of what you want faster.

Adam and Vanessa are the owners of Bee The Wellness, a wellness company with a focus towards adventure travel. They help people create systems for better health, well - being, and adventure in their lives.


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