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March 20, 2019

Ep #157: Law of Attraction How To Allow

Ep #157: Law of Attraction How To Allow
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Adam and Vanessa Lambert are the powerhouse couple who support the health and growth of others at Bee The Wellness. At the time of this interview they had been participating in The Enchanted Circle for about four months. Vanessa says the biggest thing doing this work together has done is get them on the same page quickly and easily. It has given them a common language to grow and move their business forward with.

The biggest growth for Adam has been opening to allowing things to happen rather than forcing them to happen. Both of them have experienced a shift in how many hours they feel like they should be putting into their business in order to be successful. This has given them time to enjoy their lives more, which is why they started their businesses to begin with.

One of the things that has happened since they are moving away from forcing and more into allowing is that their are allowing the space for the next big thing in their business to evolve. This has allowed them to push less. They are moving forward with what they are feeling certain of and allowing the rest to unfold. One of the things Adam has realized is they have as much done as they would have pushed but it feels a lot better.

In this interview we also talk about how the RV they took to Burning Man showed up in the nick of time and how everything worked out perfectly to allow them to take it on their trip.

Listen to hear all the juicy details.

Adam and Vanessa are the owners of Bee The Wellness, a wellness company with a focus towards adventure travel. They help people create systems for better health, well - being, and adventure in their lives.


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