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March 27, 2019

Ep #158: Law of Attraction How To Make Your Business Fun

Ep #158: Law of Attraction How To Make Your Business Fun
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“Life is lighter, more joyful and fun,” says Vanessa when describing her life and business after six months of growing in The Enchanted Circle. Adam says he is less cynical, which makes all the difference in the way he looks at things in life and business. Over the past six months, as a couple they have manifested over $67,505 and off of it was done with more play and more sweetness.

Things weren't always this way. Listen in to hear how this amazing couple has shifted together.

Adam and Vanessa are the owners of Bee The Wellness, a wellness company with a focus towards adventure travel. They help people create systems for better health, well - being, and adventure in their lives.


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