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April 10, 2019

Ep #160: How Fast Can the Law of Attraction Work

Ep #160: How Fast Can the Law of Attraction Work
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Old Money Story: Constant Anxiety of Never Having Enough

New Money Story: I Am Abundant

At the time this interview was recorded, Rebekah Zink, a millennial who develops award-winning campaigns for authors has been in The Enchanted Circle for 70 days. She is getting ready to leave her job, almost everything on her Manifest $10K list has shown up and she is more confident than she has ever been.

It wasn’t always like this. Right before joining The Enchanted Circle, Rebekah was suffering from a lot of things that didn’t feel good. In the interview she says she hit rock bottom.

In only 70 days her life has completely changed. Her mindset, abundance and business are all more abundant. Even her mom said she’s different since joining the circle.

Rebekah loves being a part of The Enchanted Circle group even though she is very introverted and admittedly doesn’t love group things.

Listen to hear more about Rebekah’s growth journey so far and everything that has unfolded.

Rebekah Zink is a proud member of the Millennial generation with a BA in Communications and Publicity. She has worked with a long list of award winning authors and has consulted with marketing and media companies to develop ad campaigns aimed at celebrating their individuality.


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