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April 17, 2019

Ep # 161: Law of Attraction For Entrepreneurs

Ep # 161: Law of Attraction For Entrepreneurs
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Rebekah has been in the Enchanted Circle 111 Days.

At the time of this interview, she is counting down to her final hours in Corporate America.

Everything in life works out for her. However, 111 days ago, she was at rock bottom.

Learn how Rebekah has been living her transition from working full-time to being self employed. Hear how she transitioned and flowed with all that life has thrown her during this shift. Rebekah has “living as if” to make this transition possible. Listen in to hear where she has been putting her energy and focus.

Hear about her business and how she will be showing up in the world after these final few days.

With 9 years of industry experience working with Authors, public relations and a passion for working with people, Rebekah is confidently stepping into who she wants to be.

Listen in to hear her celebration story.

Rebekah Zink is a proud member of the Millennial generation with a BA in Communications and Publicity. She has worked with a long list of award winning authors and has consulted with marketing and media companies to develop ad campaigns aimed at celebrating their individuality. You can reach Rebekah at www.rebekahzinkmedia.com


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