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May 8, 2019

Ep #164: How to Manifest $1000

Ep #164: How to Manifest $1000

Rebekah is getting new clients, money is coming in and she has time to do fun stuff too.

Eight months and eight days ago, her money story was Constant Anxiety of Never Having Enough.

So how has this shifted?

Learn how Rebekah learned to trust the law of attraction process which has given her confidence, a backbone and more money.

In fact, she set the intention to manifest $1000 and she exceeded this in just 8 days!

Learn some ways Rebekah exercised her trust muscle.

Her new money story today is What Is Next and Can It Be Better?

It is going to be a great summer for Rebekah for sure!

Rebekah Zink is a proud member of the Millennial generation with a BA in Communications and Publicity. She has worked with a long list of award winning authors and has consulted with marketing and media companies to develop ad campaigns aimed at celebrating their individuality. You can reach Rebekah at www.rebekahzinkmedia.com


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