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May 15, 2019

Ep #165: Law of Attraction Business Growth

Ep #165: Law of Attraction Business Growth
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In six months, since leaving her corporate job, Rebekah has doubled her business income and is living the life of her dreams, traveling and doing what she wants to with her time. She’s always worked hard, most recently having a job and a business. Now that she only has a business, she can focus the other part of her time on herself, taking care of herself and growing.

During this interview we discuss her expectation for doubling her business two more times in 2019, which will have her making $100k. That is something she’s always dreamed about. We talk about the difference between her and her six months ago when it comes to the belief that she will make $100K in 2019. We also talk about how she built the trust muscle that lets her know she will definitely double her business again and again.

Everyday Rebekah becomes more of her Future Self and she experiences more of her future life, from new friends, to a director hand-picking her for a role.

Listen to hear about how Rebekah is living more and more the life of her dreams everyday.

Rebekah Zink is a proud member of the Millennial generation with a BA in Communications and Publicity. She has worked with a long list of award winning authors and has consulted with marketing and media companies to develop ad campaigns aimed at celebrating their individuality. You can reach Rebekah at www.rebekahzinkmedia.com


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