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May 29, 2019

Ep #167: How to Manifest Money Law of Attraction

Ep #167: How to Manifest Money Law of Attraction
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Vicki is an actor who is excited about all the money and opportunities flowing into her life. It wasn’t always like this. Before she started using the Law of Attraction, Vicki’s money story was It’s Difficult to Follow Your Dreams.

After using the law of attraction Vicki said her story was Money Comes Easy to me but she admits it was really more like Hopefully Money Comes Easy to Me.

Manifesting over $3000 after reading Manifest $10,000 was the sign Vicki needed to say, “Yes,” to law of attraction coaching and joining The Enchanted Circle. Coaching has always been a part of Vicki’s life and she’s excited to have a coach that supports her growth and deepening her experience with the Law of Attraction. She is glad she did because she is already seeing she wasn’t as clear about her Future Self as she thought.

Being in The Enchanted Circle has also allowed Vicki to put down the hour long manifesting chore list she used to do every.

Listen to learn how in a matter of days Vicki can already feel things shifting.

Vicki is originally from upstate NY as well as NYC and now lives in sunny Denver, CO! She is a full time prospering actor in the local and professional theaters of Colorado. She also loves directing and coaching kids in theater!


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