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July 3, 2019

Ep #172: Manifesting and Depression

Ep #172: Manifesting and Depression
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The awesomeness in Vicki’s life is happening at warp speed. But that doesn’t mean everything is always sunshine and roses. During this interview Vicki and I talk about her experience with depression in her life and how she moved through it when it crept up recently. We talk about the myth that you can only manifest when you are happy. 

If you’ve struggled with depression or thought you were going to ruin your manifesting efforts by feeling sad or depressed, listen to this interview to hear how Vicki kept manifesting through it all and is now manifesting faster than ever. 

During this interview you’ll also hear how Vicki has gone from man-handling the phrase, “It’s all going to work out” to living as the person who things work out for.

Vicki Pace is originally from upstate NY as well as NYC and now lives in sunny Denver, CO! She is a full time prospering actor in the local and professional theaters of Colorado. She also loves directing and coaching kids in theater!


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