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Aug. 21, 2019

Ep #179: Breakdowns and The Law of Attraction

Ep #179: Breakdowns and The Law of Attraction
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Breakdowns are outdated versions of our beings moving through us. Around the time of Paulie’s last interview she was moving through a breakdown. Good things follow breakdowns because they create space for new things. 

For Paulie that included a new coaching opportunity (where she gets paid to coach) showing up out of the blue, a voice over job and an invitation to an amazing event. Looking back at the breakdown Paulie says she would have told herself to laugh through it. Because so much goodness was around the corner. 

In this interview Paulie and I talk about her invitation and how experiencing a resounding yes cleared the path to two amazing experiences of her Future Self. 

We also talk about a lot of other amazing things unfolding in Paulie’s life and career. 

Listen to hear them all. 

Paulie Rojas-Redding is an actress and entrepreneur. classical enthusiast, and lover of travel, adventure, dogs, and a good Russian novel. She spent her childhood in Mexico City learning the ways of the world and acquiring her first found loves of art, ranging from Diego Rivera to Kate Hepburn.

She is also the CEO of The Public Speaking Pro where she uses her passion and expertise of storytelling and communication to guide and inspire people to be dynamic leaders.

She can be reached at About.me/PaulieRedding


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