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Sept. 4, 2019

Ep #181: How I Manifested a Future Self Experience

Ep #181: How I Manifested a Future Self Experience

In February, I did the Future Self Workshop as I do every 3-6 months. When I sat down and did my process it took me the Future Self Cocktail event in 2024. 

Future Self Cocktails is a get together I host for the people in The Enchanted Circle a few times a year so that they can step even further into their Future Self. 

As I started scripting the event in 2024, there were a lot of pieces to identify and I as I went through the process, I could see the event that had 100 people at it. I examined how it flowed and how many make-up artists there were and the food. All of it. After the workshop I went on to script it.

I had been scripting that event for two weeks when an amazing opportunity popped up. The opportunity to host Future Self Cocktails at the Paradise Valley Castle complimentary. 

When you start scripting, things happen fast. That’s because you’re being the person in that life for at least a little bit every day. The energy starts to grow and take over and has the potential to make parts of your script happen very fast.

Starting today, I’m going to teach you the pillars of becoming your future self, while sharing with you personal stories of enchantors who came to the Paradise Valley Castle and stepped further into their Future Selves by being in an experience that allowed them to see her even more. 

Scripting is the first pillar of becoming your Future Self. 

Listen to hear the whole story about manifesting this amazing experience for The Enchanted Circle.


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