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Sept. 25, 2019

Ep #184: How To Become Your Future Self - Pillar 4

Ep #184: How To Become Your Future Self - Pillar 4
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Space is essential to becoming your Future Self. You can do all the work, script, write the story, and check in with her, but if there is no space for the becoming, your Future Self will have a hard time showing up. 

  • Space means being less busy.
  • Space means time to sit.
  • Space means silence to hear her whispers.
  • Space means room to grow. 

Room to grow is one of the things Annie found abundantly when she was stepping into her Future Self at The Paradise Valley Castle. And that space lead to being able to hear whispers of future novels and specific kinds of travel. 

Listen to hear all that Annie was able to see about her Future Self while she was at the Paradise Valley Castle

After you listen, look around your life and see where you can create some “space” for your Future Self. 

Annie is a therapist who took the leap and went into private practice. She joined the Enchanted Circle for personal growth along with professional growth.   


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