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Oct. 2, 2019

Ep #185: Becoming Your Future Self - Pillar 5

Ep #185: Becoming Your Future Self - Pillar 5
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Showing up is Pillar #5 of becoming your Future Self. You have to show up for her in order for her to continue showing up for you. Showing up means doing things she would do, asking yourself questions about how and what she would do. And being willing to understand the difference between what you think your Future Self “would” do and what they actually do. 

One of the clues you might be thinking with your current self about how to be your Future Self is the word “would”. It might seem strange but over the years I’ve come to recognize when someone uses the word “would” what follows usually comes from their current self rather than their Future Self.

Why is that? Because your Future Self is certain. When you say things like, “My future self…” without the explanation (would) you are tapped into her. 

Susan’s Future Self travels all over the world with her girlfriends, so of course she flew to Arizona from Canada to experience some of how her Future Self lives. 

One of the things that happens when you show up for your Future Self is that she shows up for you. A way this happened for Susan was her plane ticket to Arizona. It’s the least expensive ticket I’ve ever heard of from Canada to the lower part of the US. Those are the types of things that happen when you say yes to your Future Self.

Listen to Susan’s interview to hear how she stepped into her Future Self big time on the trip.

Susan was born and raised in the southern prairies of Manitoba. She spent 50 years of her life living off the land. Farmer, rancher, cook, truck driver, nurses aid, life insurance advisor, and owned and operated a guest ranch. Susan has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. 7 years ago she moved to the city to be closer to her children and to be an active Nana. She has 3 horses and a dog. Susan loves animals, camping, canoeing, hiking, fishing and any time that can be spent on a river or lake. Susan runs a successful business in Winnipeg and looks forward to being an entrepreneur in a new direction.

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